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Skin Revision

SKIN REVISION ENZYME THERAPY is true oxygen therapy that delivers REAL RESULTS as opposed to the dangers and limited effectiveness of applying oxygen crèmes (merely peroxides) or spraying the skin with compressed oxygen.  Enzyme Therapy works because it was designed to emulate the way your skin works naturally.

Beginners MUST start with Skin Revision Starter PKG below.

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Works to oxygenate, detoxify and revise the skin to function as a young, healthy skin does.

Imagine looking down through the top of the skin, think of the inside of the skin like a factory, the product that factory produces is the skin you see on the surface. Enzyme Therapy treatments works to revise the skin to be functioning like a young healthy skin would.

Over 40 years has been spent perfecting these signature Enzyme Therapy treatments, utilizing the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. It encourages blood circulation, oxygenation and the lymphatic drainage system while simultaneously, through reverse osmosis, helping to flush away toxins and free radicals as well as stimulating collagen production. Formulated to be the basis of all Skin Revision treatments to enhance optimal skin function, Enzyme Therapy works to create long-lasting results.

Experience the difference. When you have a treatment the Skin Revision Technician will discover your main concerns, thoroughly assess the skin from a functional and structural perspective and tailor a bespoke treatment, combining various Skin Revision formulations, followed by our signature Enzyme Therapy Masque. Not your ordinary facial, we make a difference by doing things differently. 

What are Enzyme Therapy Treatments and what can they treat?

Enzyme Therapy Treatments are non-invasive, hydrolysing treatments which removes dead protein cells from the surface of the skin without peeling the skin. They are used to treat excessive dead cell build up and poor skin functioning that contributes to wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, pigmentation, blackheads and break-outs. It may be used on most skin types (including people with a typically darker oriental or sub-continental complexion and some darker skin tones which can be prone to pigmentation).

Our Enzyme masques contain a blend of transfer messenger enzymes, specialized ingredients and inhibitors that help increase circulation and improve skin functioning. While Enzyme Therapy Treatments should give a definite improvement and restore health to your skin, topical chemistry cannot guarantee a 100% outcome and the technician cannot provide a definite timeframe in which to expect optimum results. Results will vary from person to person as each individual’s skin will respond differently.

What is the procedure for an Enzyme Therapy Treatment?

1. On the day of your facial treatment, the technician will cleanse your skin and apply the enzyme solution. Let the technician know if you experience any uncomfortable stinging or burning sensations so they can remove the solution immediately.
2. The technician will then soften and remove the enzyme solution and finish the treatment by applying range of products designed to provide transdermal nutrition to your skin.
3. Beginning the day after the treatment, you should follow the Home Prescriptives regime prescribed by the technician.
4. Do not sunbathe or use a solarium for 24 hours after treatment. After 24 hours you must apply transdermal sunblock if you are going to have any exposure to the sun.
5. You should use your regular Skin Revision Home Prescriptives and continue professional maintenance treatments in order to maintain your results.

NOTE: This treatment should give improvement and restoration to the appearance of your skin. However, each individual’s result will vary depending on their skin type and condition. While many will be satisfied with just one treatment, others may require several treatments over a period of time to achieve their desired results.

Are there any possible side effects?

It is possible that you may experience some of the following temporary contraindications as a result of this treatment.
• Tightness or dryness of the skin.
• Redness and irritation of the skin. This may be relieved by applying beta gel, ice or natural yoghurt.
• Stinging and burning sensation to the skin.
• An outbreak of pimples if impurities have been locked under the skin.
• Darkening of skin prior to exfoliation as underlying pigment moves to the surface.
• Although these contraindications may be uncomfortable, they should not result in any permanent damage as long as you inform your technician of any problems and follow any instructions you are given. As with any treatment, there is always a very small possibility that you could have a negative reaction that your technician could not predict.




Maintenance Treatments:

Skin Revision Enzyme Treatment - $199 EA

PKG OF 4 - $776

PKG OF 6 - $1134

PKG OF 8 - $1432

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Instant Lift

The perfect special occasion treatment for clients seeking a quick result. 
This is a 3 Layer Enzyme Treatment with pre-exfoliation.

Instant Lift - $290


A serious of six, eight or 12 individually designed programs to gain maximum results in anti-aging and firming the skin. Each treatment is performed weekly for fast effective results. All treatments include pre-exfoliation & enzyme therapy. Home care products are essential during the A Lift. Restores optimal skin function, stimulates collage/elastin and strengthens the skin structures to prevent signs of aging.

Aging is a result of the decline in skin functioning. Muscle Banding is a technique used to lift, tone, and tighten the skin. It works by causing the muscles to contract, reinvigoration circulation, increasing amino acids, and restoring optimal function. It rebuilds a stronger healthier better functioning skin, stimulating collage and elastin and strengthens the matrix, giving skin back its bounce. Even before signs of aging become apparent this treatment works to prevent the decline in the functioning of your skin that causes ageing. Whether you want to maintain or regain a tight youthful appearance, Muscle Banding is like the army that comes in and stops the decline that causes skin to age. Over twelve weeks this program is designed to tighten and lift the skin to revise signs of ageing with long-lasting maintainable results. It’s like a face lift without the surgery or down time! 



Muscle Banding Treatment - $225 EA

PKG OF 4 - $880

PKG OF 6 - $1290

PKG OF 8 - $1680

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Quick Peel 

For those in a hurry and need a quick skin refresher. This amazing cinnamon and cassia peel is used effectively on inflamed acne, and sluggish skin. Its antibacterial ingredients help flush stagnant capillaries, working on rosacea and pigmented areas as well as acne.

Quick Peel - $95


A strengthening treatment designed to flush and Eradicate deep set acne, promote healing and strengthen vascular/ capillary skin conditions.


Liminare Treatment - $199


Works to brighten hyperpigmented skin conditions such as melasmas, passive and inflammatory pigmentation as well as uneven darker toned skin.

Your skin can be genetically predisposed to hyperpigmentation making it more likely to suffer from conditions such as melasma, pigmented scarring and age spots. This means some pigmentation treatments such as peels are likely to accentuate or even cause pigmentation rather than removing it. Desquaplex is a milder treatment ideal for skins predisposed to hyperpigmentation and for darker skin tones as it works to not just lift away the unwanted pigment but also works to prevent pigmentation in the future.

Desquaplex Facial Treatment - $199

Muscle Banding
Skin Revision Enzyme Therapy
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