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Spa Treatments

Day Spa In Lakeway, TX
Our Facials

We offer hydrating, anti-aging, acne and deep cleansing enzymatic facials to nourish plus revive all skin types. Our product line works at the cellular level to leverage existing biochemical reactions in the body which accelerates tissue regeneration, encourages new cell growth, increases blood supply, stimulates collagen and natural moisture factor production.

( Neck & décolleté exfoliation plus extractions included in every 50 min facial )


Deep Cleansing Enzymatic Facial - $95 | (PKG of 4) $360

An effective but, non-invasive facial treatment using a self-neutralizing enzymatic masque derived from cranberry extracts. This enzyme mimics the natural exfoliation of the skin, producing a targeted, cell-specific exfoliation. Our enzymatic facial produces no irritation or redness and is even gentle enough for sensitive skin. The appearance of fine lines and dark spots are reduced, leaving your skin remarkably smooth and luminous.

Dermapeel Facial - $175 | (PKG of 4) $680

This facial treatment is a gentle exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion & help products absorb. It also eliminates peach fuzz that cakes up in makeup which can be enhanced by harsh lighting or sunlight. LED Incl.

Hydra Glo Facial - $200 | (PKG of 4) $765

Aqua exfoliating tips and nutrient enriched serums are used to deliver a powerful 4-step facial. The first step deeply cleanses the skin. The second step exfoliates dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. The third step extracts dirt, oils and blackheads from pores. The fourth step is an oxygen therapy treatment which infuses powerful antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin. Ends with a 15 minute customized LED Light Therapy treatment if needed. This facial will leave your skin feeling clean, clear and radiant. Recommended for monthly treatment. No pain or downtime.

Nano Infusion Facial - $195 | (PKG of 4) $760

The skin is cleansed, enzyme exfoliation is performed and followed by extractions. A unique serum composed of 30 plant terpenes and moringa oil is infused into the skin through nano-needling. Ends with 15 minute LED Light Therapy treatment if needed. The serum must be left to sit on the skin for 6-12 hours post treatment for best results. This helps to significantly reduce acne, wrinkles, redness/inflammation, scarring, and fine lines. No pain or downtime. Multiple sessions are recommended. 

LED Facial - 1 Hr 15 Mins - $115 | (PKG of 4) $440

With customized red or blue light therapy, this deep cleansing yet hydrating facial helps build collagen, reduces wrinkles & speeds the healing of blemishes from acne.

Microcurrent Collagen Facial - $165 | (4) $640

This treatment uses low-grade electrical current to stimulate the facial muscles which encourage the facial muscles to look more defined and lifted. Allows more defined cheekbones, tightens and firms skin, as well as stimulates collagen growth. A collagen therapy mask is also included in this facial. (Add on collagen neck and decollete mask available +50)

Tummy Tightening Treatment - $100 | (4) $380

This enzyme treatment exfoliates, strengthens weakened tissue, increases circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage & firms skin. Excellent for cellulite sagging skin & fluid retention.

Add On Jelly Mask For Neck & Decollete - $50

Extractions Only With No Facial (30 Min) - $50

Milia Extraction Only With No Facial (15 Min) - $35

 Hybrid Facial Treatments 

Our hybrid facial treatments deliver powerful skin rejuvenation solutions. Each is a unique method for treating aesthetic skin concerns that unite the powers of three of our most effective facial treatments. Each provides exceptional results with no downtime. These are much more than traditional facial treatments because they offer a deeper exfoliation, supreme hydration, brightening properties, lymph drainage and tightening capabilities in each customized service. These are the ultimate in stimulating, tightening,

lifting, calming and restorative facial treatments.


Hybrid Hydra Revision Treatment - $350

Aqua exfoliating tips & nutrient rich serums are used to deliver a powerful 5 step facial. This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts impurities and infuses peptides into the skin. Followed by a non-invasive tightening revision mask to detoxify and help strengthen the structural integrity of the skin. LED is included if needed. (1 Hr 45 Mins)


Hybrid Nano Revision Treatment - $350

This professional strength skin treatment features a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions and a non-invasive tightening revision mask to detoxify the lymphatic system plus strengthen the structural integrity of the skin. Followed by application of a unique serum composed of 30 plant terpenes plus moringa oil that is infused into the skin by way of nano needling. LED is included if needed. Infusion must be left on 12 hours post treatment for best results. (1 Hr 45 Mins)

Chemical Peels

If your skin has been damaged by the sun or acne, or if you would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines or uneven pigmentation, you may benefit from a peel. Our peels are a safe and effective way to visibly improve the quality, texture and tone of your skin without the discomfort and recovery time often associated with other deep abrasive chemical peels.

Quick Peel Treatment - $95 (PKG of 4) $360

This 30 minute treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates & hydrates the skin leaving you glowing healthy skin. Quick Peel creates a false heat within the skin to increase blood flow & feed your skin cells necessary oxygen and nutrients. A light cool removal provides a luxurious exfoliation followed by a deep nourishing hydrating masque. This treatment is great for all skin types & conditions, especially sensitive or reactive skin.


Lash Tinting - $25

Brow Tinting - $25

DermaPeel No Wax Facial Hair Removal - $70

Pain Free Hair Removal To Remove Facial Peach Fuzz & Lightly Exfoliate

(Brows not included)


Brow Wax - $25

Lip - $15 (Add Lower +5)

Chin - $15

Nose - $15

Ears - $15

Neck - $20

Underarms - $30

Full Face Wax (Brows not included) - $45

Scalp & Hair Loss High Frequency PKG - $285

PKG Of 12 Sessions - 15 Mins (2 X Per Week Suggested)

This treatment involves the application of low level electrical current to the scalp which naturally revitalizes dormant hair follicles by increasing blood circulation & encouraging cellular turnover. Purifying oxygen molecules are delivered into the skin via a glass electrode to help exfoliate the area, open up the pores & eliminate harmful bacteria in the scalp. This leads to better hair growth, controls hair loss & helps with dandruff issues as well.










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Massage Therapy, Reiki,
Cupping Therapy, 
Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts,
Permanent Makeup,
Threading & more offered.

Please click the "Appointments" button below to call or email our independent therapists located within
Blush Beauty Bar for more information.

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Contraindications For Waxing!!!

If you are taking or have taken any of the following medications within the last 3 months, please inform your waxing technician prior to your waxing/hair removal service appointment or facial spa treatment:


  1. • Accutane (acne medication). No waxing for one year after finishing prescription.

  2. • Adapalene (acne medication). No waxing for one year after finishing prescription.     

  3. • Alustra (Retin A)

  4. • Antibiotics

            Clindamycin (can be used topically for acne)

            Doxycycline (for bacterial infections)

            Erythromucin (commonly used by people allergic to penicillin)

            Minocycline (broad spectrum antibiotic)

            Tetracycline (broad spectrum treatment for acne, rosacea)

  1. • Avage (acne medication)

  2. • Avita (See Tretinoin)

  3. • Differin (acne medication)

  4. • Isotretinoin (like Accutane)

  5. • Metronidazole (brand names-Flagyl, MetroGel - used often for treatment of rosacea)

  6. • Nadifloxicine (brand names-Acuatim, Nadiflox, Nadoxin, Nadixa, Activon - topical treatment for acne)

  7. • Retin-A (see Tretinoin)

  8. • Renova (see Tretinoin)

  9. • Tazarotene (Tazorac -topical cream or gel acne medication)

  10. • Tretinoin ( Acid form of vitamin A. Brand names- Altinac, Avita, Renova, Retin-A, Tretin-X. )


Waxing Contraindications:

If you are currently taking any of the following medications, please inform 

your waxing technician prior to your waxing appointment:


  1. • Any acne medications not listed above

  2. • Bleaching agents for hair used in the area to be waxed

  3. • Bleaching agents for pigmentation used in the area to be waxed (Hydraquinone, Trilumena)

  4. • Chemical depilatories (Veet, Nair, Magic Shave)

  5. • Benzoyl Peroxide (Pro-Active)

  6. • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic)

  7. • Oral antibiotics 

  8. • Topical antibiotics

  9. • Retinol

  10. • Salicylic Acid

  11. • Exfoliants (physical scrubs, enzyme exfoliants or chemical exfoliants)


These products can sensitize the skin and cause lifting and irritation which can result in scarring.



  1. • Sunburned, irritated or open areas should not be waxed.

  2. • Moles should not be waxed.

  3. • You should wait a minimum of 7 days after a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion before waxing.

  4. • Waxing should not be done if you have been in a tanning booth the same day.

  5. • Waxing should not be done if you have had laser resurfacing within a year.

  6. • Waxing should not be done if you have had a physician administered (deep) peel within two years.

  7. • If irritation occurs, you can use an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin to keep skin moist to avoid           

   infection and scabbing.

  1. • Extra precaution should be taken if using tanning accelerators. Wax two to three days before or after

   using accelerators. 

  1. • No hot baths 24 - 72 hours after a body waxing treatment, depending on skin sensitivity.

  2. • No abrasives 24 - 72 hours after a body waxing treatment, depending on skin sensitivity.

  3. • No deodorants for 24 hours following underarm waxing.

  4. • Women ma experience extra sensitivity to waxing up to a week prior to the beginning of their menses.

  5. • It is not safe to wax over psoriasis or eczema. Waxing over these areas could exacerbate the condition and result in severe irritation and / or scarring.

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